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The only honey supplier I would ever use for my health food products. Best honey in australia.
Adam Sendler
Natural Wholesome Goodness and best of all, it tastes great! It is the most wonderful honey.
Mila Kunis
Best honey I have ever had. Fantastic and quality is the same every time. Thanks a lot.
Mike Stuart
I ordered a bulk lot of honey and beeswax and both smell heavenly! I am so happy the shop offers the chunk style beeswax, it’s both economical and easier to chop up and fit into my melting pot.
Jay Poco
I have been using Honey for over a year now and will not get honey from anyone else. Every time the ordering process was great and the honey is just so amazingly tasty.
Mary Anna
My shipment arrived quickly and was incredibly well packaged/secured. I adore that the honey comes in glass jars, I can re-use these and that is always a plus for me!! !
Nika de Vries
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With years of agricultural experience behind us, we’re a dedicated team, passionate about honeybees and their products. When you visit us, you’ll see us behind the shop counter, serving in the café or tending to the honeybees – that’s the friendly personal service we pride ourselves on. You’ll find out that our team has got depth knowledge about bees and the sweet honey they produce. There are many factors on what makes us unique,