Honey Bee Math

Do the Honey Bee Math

    • Bees fly a few tenths of a mile up to 6 miles to gather nectar.
    • Bees leave the hive 15 times per day and visit around 100 flowers each time – that’s 1,500 flowers a day!
    • Bees can collect up to 4-5 pounds of nectar each day.
    • 4 pounds of nectar = 1 pound of honey.
    • 8 pounds of nectar = 1 pound of beeswax.
    • 1 lb of honey = visiting two million flowers and flying 55,000 miles.
    • The average worker bee produces about 1/12th tsp of honey in her lifetime.
    • The 6 sided hex shape of honeycomb is the strongest shape per material weight.
    • Bees can not see the color red (it looks green to them), but they can detect ultraviolet reflectance.
    • Americans consume about 1.31 pounds of honey per person annually.



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