Our honey as much as we do! 

Our Story

One small hive—that was the humble origin of Blackwater Honey. Today, the one small hive concept is the very foundation on which our company’s mission and philosophy are based. We believe the noble honeybee is the perfect role model for a successful and sustainable company. Just like the honeybee, we strive to enhance and contribute to the community and environment in which we thrive. This hive mentality flows through every aspect of our company, from the sourcing of our raw materials to our educational outreach initiatives.

What started with one hive and have grown over the years to about 20 hives. As we’ve grown, we’ve kept our focus on what really matters to us: locally-produced quality raw honey, handled by us from start to finish.

What We Do

Blackwater Honey isn’t just about selling honey – it’s an experience

Blackwater Honey has a large number of live bee hives, educational tours and fantastic honey

In our opinion, our honey is by far the best in the country, we take great pride in producing it for you to enjoy

Our Bee Gallery